6 Important Things to Remember When Buying Fabric – Part 1

Here are 6 things to ask yourself or consider before heading to the store:

1. Where will the fabric you’re buying be used?

Will the fabric be used indoors? Outdoors? Or both? It matters, so know the answer! And guess what? It’s usually an easy answer to come up with. For example, unless lightning strikes a tree nearby, your living room is probably going to remain inside. =)

2. Will the fabric be exposed to a lot of natural light?

Now, the answer to this seems related to the one above. After all, if it’s outdoors, it must mean there’s a lot of natural sunlight. But what if the fabric is to be used indoors? Does that mean there isn’t a lot of natural sunlight? NO!! Because chances are you don’t live in a cave, and you have windows, which means you might get a lot of natural sunlight inside.

3. What colors are you interested in for the project you’re about to start?

It doesn’t take long. Think of the colors you love. There are basically an infinite number of fabric possibilities out there, so be creative and have fun!

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