6 Important Things to Remember When Buying Fabric – (part 2)

4. What textures of fabric are you interested in?

Just like fabric colors, the texture options are many. Smooth, brushed, tweed, satin, etc. If you’re unsure, that’s okay too! But if possible, start recognizing fabric textures you like, and ask whoever it belongs to what type of texture it is.

5. What room or area will the fabric be used in?

This seems like a pretty obvious question, but you might be surprised… Fabric is an awesome way to tie rooms together.

6. What else is in the room that you might want to compliment?

“You look great, honey!” Not that kind of compliment, ya goof! Is there a piece of furniture you want to accentuate, Jazz up, completely hide (think slipcovers)?

We hope this post about 6 helpful things to remember when buying fabric was helpful. What are some of your tricks to making fabric buying more efficient and enjoyable? Leave a comment below!