“Fitted Slipcovers just work” Our custom slipcovers involve the process of making a unique cover for ANY furniture. These slipcovers are fitted and have the presence of an upholstery feeling, without the upholstery cost.

They are very efficient covers that can be made in the loose shabby chic feeling or an incredibly fitted feeling where you can’t even tell it’s a cover!

How Getting a Custom Slipcover works: The first step in creating a slipcover is to have the right fabric that works. Finding the right fabric can sometimes be tough, that’s why at Cover Me Upholstery we have fabric specialists.

Once the fabric is chosen we are half way there; then, one of our slipcover cutters will take the chosen fabric and take precise measurements of the furniture. At our workshop, we cut the fabric and create your own custom slipcover according to the specifications. To make things even easier, We even deliver and install the cover!

    How to Measure for Slipcovers

Size & Fit for Standard Chair, Loveseat and Sofa Slipcovers (Regular Seat Cushions)